Reliable Lawn Maintenance & Irrigation Services

Keep your property lush and green with lawn maintenance and irrigation services from First Choice Maintenance Services Lawn and Landscaping. Based in Pensacola, Florida, we provide reliable services to customers throughout the region.
A perfect, green lawn makes any home or business more attractive and welcoming. Our basic lawn maintenance services includes mowing, edging, weed eating, and blowing. Trimming is also available at an additional cost. We also offer:

• Top Dressing • Lawn Aeration • Dethatching

There's more to a great landscape than just a lawn. We install a wide range of landscape features, including:

• Fountains
• Beds
• Mulch
• Trees
• Gravel
• Rocks
• Pine Straw
Landscaped Lawn

Irrigation & Spraying
Ensuring your lawn and gardens have enough water is easy with a high-quality irrigation system. We handle repairs ourselves and contract out installations and major repairs to dependable subcontractors.

Spraying doesn't have to damage the environment. We use an organic weed killer, and many of our employees are certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture for pesticide services and plant industry.
Hardscaping & Brush Hogging
Hardscaping makes your property accessible and creates attractive, versatile spaces. We specialize in laying courtyard pavers. Clearing brush is quick and easy with a powerful brush hog tractor. We are able to cut large areas quickly, creating more usable space on your property.

Sand & Sodding
Sand can be used to give your property a unique look. We are one of the few companies in Pensacola with a machine that evenly lays sand. Our top-of-the-line equipment produces perfect results and is the ideal choice if you want an inch or more. Other companies rely on individuals to lay sand, producing imperfect results, but we make sure every job is of the highest quality. For sodding purposes, we'll help you create a perfect lawn from scratch! We lay high-quality, weed-free sod, including:

• St. Augustine • Centipede • Zoysia • Bermuda

Contact us for residential or commercial landscaping by licensed professionals.